How can I check if I have a leak?

If you have noticed an increase in your water bill, or a recent drop in your water pressure when using appliances? If so it may be time to check for water leaks. Even if you think your plumbing problem is a minor one, you shouldn't try to tackle it using over-the-counter products, or rely on equipment that could damage your pipes if handled improperly. Instead, call on a qualified residential plumber from Get Back Plumbing.

Do I really need to worry about hidden leaks?

Absolutely. Without proper assessment or allowing a plumbing professional to assess your situation, you may be making room for more serious and expensive situations in the future. A small leak can be an easy repair but continuous water damage over time can lead to added moisture and even mold in the air, compromising indoor air quality as well. If you are concerned about potential plumbing leaks, look no further than T.L. Back Plumbing and schedule a free assessment today at (443) 623-0159.

How can I tell if I need a water heater replacement?

In addition to natural aging, wear and tear, there are some indicators that it is time to replace your water heater. If the hot water is not lasting very long or you are noticing rust colored water, it could be time for replacement. If your unit is making strange noises or you have seen a rise in the heating bills, call us today to assess your water heater!

What do I do if my toilet overflows?

First step is to turn off the water supply using the valve behind the toilet. This will stop a continued flow of water to the bowl. Next step is to call the professionals at T.L. Back Plumbing to handle the rest!

Should I repair or replace leaky faucets?

If it is a first time occurrence, a quick repair would be the most cost effective. If the leak is an on-going situation, it may be best to replace for your wallet in the long run. If you are unsure which route is best, rely on our local plumber and call (443) 623-0159.